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FBI KidnappingThe notorious Lindbergh kidnapping in 1932 has long resonated with the public, painting the crime as a singular, somewhat infrequent but dramatic event.  Contrary to the public’s perceptions, however, approximately 250,000 child abductions occur every year, most by family members as a result of a bad divorce or family breakup and only but a few hundred cases are characterized as a stereotypical kidnapping.  During the time when J. EDGAR HOOVER was FBI Director, minus exigent circumstances, neither the FBI nor the Justice Department considered a child abduction by a family member a criminal violation, but rather a civil matter to be handled by the family court system.  A ‘stereotypical kidnapping’ is an abduction with the unlawful intent to seize, detain and carry away by force a person with whom a ransom demand is generally made.

Conducting a kidnapping investigation, FBI Special Agents typically work with Crisis Management Team [CMT] and/or local authorities:

  • To locate and recover a victim, assessing the overall risk to affected persons, family and/or an organization;
  • Develop a response strategy, including options and possible consequences;
  • Analyze strategies employed by the perpetrator(s), providing advice, counter strategies and tactics to locate/recover the victim.
  • Assist CMT and/or local authorities to locate and recover the victim, and have a planned response;
  • Initiate/monitor negotiations with any perpetrator(s), ensuring all issues are properly addressed;
  • Advise/coach when appropriate, persons communicating on behalf of the kidnapping victim, family and/or organization;
  • With the approval of an Incident Commander [IC] speak with the victim’s family, explaining the characteristics and course of the investigation;
  • Provide advice and insight;
  • Speak on behalf of an organization; and/or
  • Coordinate media notifications/press conferences.


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