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Blackmail, shakedowns, protection money—crimes of extortion—characteristically take place when someone threatens violence demanding money or property. But extortion is not limited to threats of violence, the crime of extortion also occurs when a government official [elected or an appointed] demands money and/or property in exchange for an official act.Extortion

In order to secure a successful extortion prosecution, investigators must be mindful they need to prove that any money and/or property taken was done so by someone using threats of fear, force, or violence and/or under the color of law. Accordingly, in an extortion case prosecutors generally must prove:

  • A defendant induced or attempted to induce a victim to relinquish property and/or rights;
  • A defendant used or attempted to use a victim’s reasonable fear of economic loss or physical injury and/or acted under the color of law in an effort to demand money and/or property;
  • A defendant’s conduct actually/potentially affected, delayed and/or obstructed foreign or interstate commerce; and,
  • A defendant’s actual or threatened use of fear, force or violence and/or act under the color of law was wrongful.

FBI Special Agents are adept working both national and international extortion cases. Conducting investigations, investigators should:

  • Gather evidence concerning the alleged extortioner threat—including the nature of the offense, e.g. when and how did the threat take place, what or how much money was demanded, when/where any monetary exchange was to take place, and whether the demand was made under threat of economic loss, violence and/or the color of law.
  • Document the alleged extortioner threat, providing appropriate direction developing the case.
  • Be mindful that the media will be interested reporting the crime.


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