Member Agents / Analysts

Patrick J Murphy

Cell: (630) 624-0203  
Retired: 5/2013 as supervisory special agent
FBI Service: 27 Years

Donald B. Southerland, Jr.
Don B. Southerland, Jr., CPA, CFE

7500 Brownley Place,
Plano, TX 75025
Office: (214) 378-8033  
Retired: 1/1999 as special agent
FBI Service: 13 Years

Stacy M Arruda
Arruda Group

Cell: 813 382 0859  
Retired: 12/2018 as supervisory special agent
FBI Service: 22 Years

Charles J. Walsh
Forensic Consulting Associates of New England LLC

27 Lakeview Drive,
Nottingham, NH 03290
Office: (877) 322-6300  
Retired: 5/1998 as special agent
FBI Service: 30 Years

Ralph Stephen Lux

Retired: 2/2014 as automotive fleet manager
FBI Service: 41 Years

Marc J. Botello

Cell: (661) 388-8917  
Retired: 6/2013 as special agent
FBI Service: 25 Years

Jeffrey L. Rinek
Security Consultant | Private Investigator | Author

PO Box 217,
Rescue, CA 95672
Cell: 530-919-1851  
Retired: 5/2006 as special agent accountant
FBI Service: 30 Years

Fred Olivares III

PO Box 90561,
San Antonio, TX 78209
Cell: 210-687-6791  
Retired: 7/2014 as special agent
FBI Service: 26 Years

Herbert Cousins, Jr

4581 Weston Road - Suite #111,
Weston, FL 33331
Cell: (305) 720-6039  
Retired: as special agent-in-charge
FBI Service: 21 Years

James K. Ellis, CFE
JKE Texas Private Investigation, LLC

3341 Regent Boulevard Ste 130-152,
Irving, TX 75063
Cell: 214-536-2743  
Retired: as special agent - criminal street agent
FBI Service: 28 Years

James J. Page Jr.
Page Consulting Corporation

9212 Lizard Rock Trail,
Colorado Springs, CO 80924
Cell: (719) 453-5024  
Retired: 7/2019 as supervisory special agent
FBI Service: 21 Years

Clinton L. Rand
The Center for Law Enforcement Research, LLC

P.O. Box 107,
Newton, NH 03858-0107
Cell: (603) 398-5995  
Retired: 8/1992 as special agent
FBI Service: 23 Years
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"Members on this website are “retired” FBI agents, many who are “licensed” Private Investigators [PIs], independent contractors and vendors who promote and sell their services as consultants to members of the public, public and/or private industry and/or local, state and/or federal government.

As consultants, they “contract” out their services to conduct criminal/civil investigations, provide litigation support, conduct due diligence inquires, provide executive protection and conduct background screenings, offer expert opinions concerning investigations, do electronic sweeps and counter measures, provide drug screenings, offer forensic accounting services, and conduct surveillances, as well as locate assets and/or conduct other research.

As a result, members command fees for their services.  This is “not” a free service.

Before any services will be expended, most members will require a “nonrefundable” retainer fee totaling $1500 - $2500.  The amount of the retainer fee will be set by members during contract negotiations.  And some members command “nonrefundable” retainer fees totaling $5000.

Unless you are a journalist looking for media “commentary,” and/or someone with an offer of employment, please be advised members do not provide “free” services but will require a retainer fee before any services will be expended.  These services are “not” free.