FBI Verification

Individuals requesting membership must submit an online application and documentation indicating they are “retired” FBI AGENTS / ANALYSTS who left the FBI in “good standing. Upon verification of retirement status and payment of subscription fee, applicants are thereafter afforded membership and provided with a directory listing where Members can list, change, upload and/or update:

  • Profile totaling approximately 450 words and Picture—with option to publish or not publish information;


SEEKING EXPERT – Using the website’s search feature at no expense or charge, enter the appropriate skill, issue, or need, along with geographical area of preference, and thereafter make contact with the “retired” FBI AGENT / ANALYST listed—using the information provided.  See example:



SEEKING MEMBERSHIP – Retired FBI AGENTS / ANALYSTS interested in securing a directory listing, including picture and profile, and/or a personal email address should submit an online application documenting agency employment and “good standing” status requesting membership. See example:

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