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Child Pornography

Child PornographyVirtually every day online sexual predators try to lure children into their lair or some other dangerous place using the internet.  In an effort to eliminate child pornography or “kiddie porn,” the FBI has launched it’s National Innocent Images project.  Based in Maryland, the child pornography initiative joins FBI agents with law enforcement at the local, state, national and international level who collaborate together online using undercover stings to identify and prosecute individuals who prey on children using the computer.

The offensive nature of child pornography causes many investigators to seek other assignments or promises of short assignments—unable to endure the psychological trauma just viewing the images. But agents with experience investigating child pornographers say uncovering a child predator can be very satisfying, albeit a disheartening assignment.

Investigating child pornography FBI agents and analysts have developed strong contacts with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, numerous ‘sex offender registries’, the Endangered Children Alert Program, and the various International Crimes Against Children Task Forces located throughout the world—providing an unmatched depth and breadth of investigative resources. Trained to understand the threat and dangers related to online child pornography, investigators understand the constant risk children face because of the many bad actors that deal in child pornography because of the computer information highway.

FBI Special Agents and Analysts assigned child exploitation cases are considered experts using social media, in particular Bulletin Board Systems (BBS), Commercial On-line Services (COS), Internet Service Providers (ISP), public chat rooms, email systems, and User nets—securing major arrests and prosecutions when they can in their efforts to eliminate child predators online.


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