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FBI Forensic Document Examiner

Forensic Document ExaminerEach FBI Forensic Document Examiner assigned to the Questioned Documents Unit (QDU) in the FBI Laboratory is scientifically trained to conduct forensic examinations and render a professional opinion concerning documentary evidence seized in an investigation.  And each FBI Forensic Document Examiner is also trained and mentored to provide expert testimony when requested.

The QDU provides specialized training to each FBI Forensic Document Examiner wanting to advance a career and provides interested law enforcement agencies with specialized training seeking to conduct forensic examinations. Standardizing procedures and formulating written guidelines, the QDU also monitors legal issues affecting examinations—providing each FBI Forensic Document Examiner with important updates on policies and procedure.

Seeking a career conducting forensic examinations, interested candidates should know a FBI Forensic Document Examiner is typically tasked to make handwriting comparisons and fractured edge comparisons using paper, tape, stamps, and dryer sheets; make plastic bag comparisons; authenticate documents; preserve charred and liquid soaked documents; make indented writing examinations; conduct alternate light source examinations concerning ink discrimination and altered documents; make office machine artifact comparisons; make tire tread and shoe print comparisons and classifications; conduct database queries concerning the anonymous letter file, counterfeit goods, bank robbery notes, tire tread and shoe prints; provide testimony in legal proceedings; and provide training to counterparts in law enforcement.

Looking to expose a forged document, a FBI Forensic Document Examiner will generally compare/evaluate the individual features of a known handwritten document with the known handwriting of someone else.  With proper training any FBI Forensic Document Examiner can determine whether a document is fraudulent comparing both the gross and the less conspicuous elements in a questioned document with an individual’s known handwriting–using another document.


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