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FBI Theft Interstate ShipmentThe FBI has primary investigative jurisdiction for all federal criminal violations except in cases wherein responsibility, by statute or some other directive, is assigned to another agency. Accordingly, the FBI has jurisdiction concerning Theft from Interstate Shipment [TFIS], which prohibits the theft or fraudulent transfer of goods that are part of an interstate or foreign shipment, whether from the carrier or in a holding area, and also the willful buying, selling or possession of stolen goods taken as a result of a Theft From Interstate Shipment.  Members whose background also includes FBI Theft Interstate Shipment can be a great asset to someone looking for an TFIS investigator and/or needing a expert.

In the United States, the most common theft from interstate shipment involves pharmaceuticals, consumer electronics, apparel, and food. As the demand for certain goods increase, cargo thieves will orchestrate a Theft From Interstate Shipment based on prices they can get for the stolen goods.

The global economic crisis has increased Theft From Interstate Shipment.  In the United States, where an estimated $30 billion in cargo is stolen annually, cargo thieves are sophisticated, organized, and, generally, not home-grown. Thieves are often recruited from the United States and trained by Cuban crime syndicates in Theft From Interstate Shipment, then sent to Florida to establish operations. Most of the stolen cargo in the United States is brought to ports and exported in ocean containers to countries such as Paraguay, Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, the Dominican Republic, and Costa Rica. From there, the stolen goods are fenced using black market distribution channels. The FBI in Miami has two [2] squads dedicated to investigating Theft From Interstate Shipment.

Aside from the cost, Theft From Interstate Shipment has even more alarming repercussions.  In California, FBI Special Agents have discovered violent gangs such as MS-13 (also known as MARA SALVATRUCHA, its leaders are from El Salvador), have been known to finance their activities through Theft From Interstate Shipment, and in Canada, the Chinese Triad crime organization has been linked to several reported cargo thefts. Mexico is in the middle of a serious drug war, and sometimes the violence has been associated with cargo stolen as a result of a theft from interstate shipment by warring drug cartels.

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