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FBI Securities FraudThe nation’s economy is increasingly dependent on Wall Street and the success and integrity of the securities and commodities markets. As a result, under it’s White Collar Crime [WCC] Program, the FBI initiates securities fraud investigations whenever agents discover stock fraud and/or someone trying to fraudulent manipulate the various stock exchanges and/or commodity markets.  Accordingly, members whose background also includes FBI Securities Fraud can be a great asset to someone looking for an investigator and/or needing an expert conducting a fraud investigation. The term Securities Fraud covers a wide range of illegal activities, all of which involve the deception of investors or the manipulation of financial markets, including:

The globalization of capital markets has created unprecedented opportunities for U.S. businesses to access capital markets, diversifying portfolios.  Whether through individual brokerage accounts, college savings plans, or retirement accounts, more and more individuals are choosing to invest in the U.S. securities and commodities markets.  But the unprecedented growth in the markets has also led to a corresponding growth in securities fraud.  The creation of complex investment vehicles and the amount of money available has created more opportunities for individuals and businesses to orchestrate various fraud schemes and commit securities fraud .

In Fiscal Year 2012, charging securities fraud violations, the FBI obtained 413 convictions, securing $10.3 billion in restitution, $201 million in fines, and $819 million in asset forfeitures.  A sign of the times, FBI Special Agents now investigate securities fraud involving social networks like Facebook and Twitter.  And some investors and hedge funds use Twitter for developing investment strategies.  Research suggests Twitter now has a great impact on the financial markets, forecasters can use Twitterverse to predict investment decisions and market fluctuations.

Members’ listing FBI Securities Fraud as a skillset can be very helpful to law firms, security professionals and/or journalists, wanting to speak with someone about fraud schemes, needing an investigator and/or expert to conduct an investigation, render a professional opinion and/or provide media commentary.  Asked to review evidence reflecting fraudulent assets, members whose skills include FBI Securities Fraud can analyze digital evidence, provide testimony, and/or when solicited, produce an affidavit documenting losses and/or fraudulent statements.  Besides having an expertise concerning FBI Securities Fraud, these members also have important organizational, analytical and reporting skills, needed to examine and present evidence and/or locate and interview witnesses.

Worried about security, learning about fraudulent statements, members listing FBI Securities Fraud can provide valuable insight and guidance protecting assets and setting up a security plan.  Specifying FBI Securities Fraud as a skillset, these members also have the training, expertise and contacts to identify witnesses and locate concealed assets, “not” only locally, but at the state and federal level as well.

Likewise, many members whose backgrounds include FBI Securities Fraud also have media experience, and can provide journalists and news outlets with commentary about fraudulent schemes and concealing assets.  Able to cite policy manuals and investigative techniques, presented with a criminal complaint and/or an indictment, members listing FBI Securities Fraud can provide viewers and listeners with background information needed to explain charges and/or discuss fraudulent schemes.   Need additional information about a member whose background includes FBI Securities Fraud, just make contact with the member and make inquiry using the information provided.


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