February 11, 2015


SACRAMENTO–Experienced law enforcement officers with firms that have an expertise in electronic surveillance, ROBERT RELICK, DOUGLAS KANE, TOM GIBBONS, PETE YACHMETZ, and EDWARD ADAMS, also specialize employing sophisticated Technical Surveillance Counter Measures [TSCM] used to detect hidden devices and uncover electronic “bugs.”

Installing electronic surveillance equipment for use conducting undercover operations or targeting subjects deemed hostile to the United States, ROBERT RELICK was the Technical Supervisor in the FBI’s Houston Division when he retired with more than 30-years’ experience in federal law enforcement.

Responsible for locating illegal eavesdropping devices for the FBI, as well as hazards and security weaknesses suggesting an office was vulnerable to electronic penetration, RELICK routinely conducted Technical Surveillance Countermeasures [TSCM] surveys to uncover hidden devices and detect electronic “bugs.”

Initially joining the FBI as a physical science technician, analyzing evidence in the FBI’s laboratory, and later becoming an Special Agent [SA], RELICK’s education includes a Master’s Degree in Forensic Science from George Washington University and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Microbiology from Washington and Jefferson College, in Washington Pennsylvania.  Retiring from the FBI in 2005 and establishing RELICK & ASSOCIATES, he is a founding member of the Technical Surveillance Counter Measures [TSCM] Network, an affiliation of retired FBI agents who specialize providing TSCM services.

A former member of the FBI’s elite Hostage Rescue Team [HRT] and a recognized expert in crisis management, in 2003, DOUGLAS KANE established RISK CONTROL STRATEGIES [RCS], a full service firm with expertise in Technical Surveillance Countermeasures [TSCM], computer forensics, cyber security, due diligence investigations, special events management, and threat mitigation.  Headquartered in New York City with offices in Southern California and elsewhere, KANE states RCS maintains two sets of the latest equipment used to conduct Technical Surveillance Countermeasures [TSCM], giving them flexibility handling requests.  Frequently called upon to provide a comprehensive security plan, he states RCS employs Technical Surveillance Countermeasures [TSCM] to ensure privacy and protect intellectual property.

Also a founding member of the TSCM Network, TOM GIBBONS retired in the FBI’s Springfield Division, responsible for electronic surveillance and using sophisticated equipment to conduct Technical Surveillance Counter Measures [TSCM].  Like RELICK, he was certified by the FBI as a Technically Trained Agent [TTA], receiving specialized training conducting TSCM surveys.  Establishing TOM GIBBONS & ASSOCIATES, in Rochester, Illinois in 2003, GIBBONS states he relies on the Oscor Green Spectrum Analyzer, designed for commercial applications and produced by Research Electronics International [REI], to detect “illegal” eavesdropping devices and electronic “bugs,” perform site surveys for communication systems, conduct radio frequency (RF) analysis, and investigate misuse of the RF spectrum.  He also favors the Talan Telephone and Line Analyzer to provide network analysis of Voice Over Internet Protocol Systems/detecting line manipulation and illegal electronic “bugs.”

The YACHMETZ CONSULTING GROUP [YCG] owned by PETER D. YACHMETZ, in Winter Garden, Florida is another full service firm whose members employ Technical Surveillance Counter Measures [TSCM] to detect hidden devices and uncover electronic “bugs.”  With more than 30-years combined federal law enforcement and private sector security experience, YACHMETZ also conducts comprehensive background screenings and site surveys to identify and eliminate threats, provide protection for personnel and assets requiring security, and he recommends surveillance and alarm systems.

Establishing ADAMS & ASSOCIATES, in Fairfield, Connecticut, EDWARD M. ADAMS has more than 26-years in the Bureau, conducting and managing complex investigations, including the FBI’s Bridgeport public corruption investigation, resulting in a dozen convictions, including the Mayor of Bridgeport and prosecuting several members of the Gambino and Genovese crime families, as a result of a major undercover investigation involving electronic surveillance.  Drawing on his experience conducting electronic surveillance, ADAMS offers Technical Surveillance Counter Measures [TSM] to clients also concerned about privacy and security.


Concerned about the threat conversations and electronic signals within its facilities are being intercepted, FBI offices are mandated to conduct Technical Surveillance Counter Measures [TSCM] surveys, so managers can make year-end certifications validating an office’s technical security, requiring a thorough examination by a Technically Trained Agent [TTA] using “not” only special equipment, but conducting visual inspections and hands-on physical searches.

Not unlike foreign agents who use concealed devices to conduct espionage, spying on Government facilities to get information, corporate thieves use illegal “bugs” to steal intellectual property and/or obtain corporate secrets.  To make sure a facility and its surrounding environment are free of electronic “bugs,” corporate managers must similarly conduct TSCM surveys to detect “not” only concealed eavesdropping devices, but identify hazards and security weaknesses that could result in a facility’s penetration.  Because of their specialized training employing Technical Surveillance Counter Measures [TSCM], website members listed here are excellent candidates to conduct TSCM surveys for corporate executives and private interests.