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FISA Reform Needed Says BAKER

WASHINGTON DC – FISA reform is needed today writes retired FBI agent/member TOM BAKER for the WALL STREET JOURNAL.  Says FISA reform is long overdue.   Says “sloppiness” and “inaccuracies” are shocking, talking about the IG report, but not the worst
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BAKER: FISA Justification to Wiretap PAGE Worst Decision by Agency Officials.

WASHINGTON DC – Retired FBI agent/member TOM BAKER writes OPED for the WASHINGTON EXAMINER.  Speaking about the FOREIGN SURVEILLANCE COURT [FISC] and the CARTER PAGE wiretap, BAKER asks, “Is JAMES COMEY the worst FBI director in modern history?”  He maintains
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FISA Abuse Included Fraudulent Email, Faulty Disclosure & Lack of Corroboration.

WASHINGTON DC – Retired FBI agent/member TOM BAKER writes OPED for DAILY CALLER telling readers the FISA abuse concerning the wiretap on CARTER PAGE’s telephone included alteration of email used to “renew” the application, faulty “disclosure(s)” and a lack of 
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BAKER Pens Wall Street Journal OPED: INTEL & FISA Reforms Needed.

WASHINGTON DC — Retired FBI agent … member TOM BAKER … writes Wall Street Journal OPED suggesting America’s Intel agencies and the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act [FISA] need to be reformed, as a result of the electronic surveillance and counterintelligence
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