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The FBI’s GMEN [And Women] Are Expert’s Investigating White Collar Crime and Public Corruption

SACRAMENTO–In San Francisco, a California state legislator is charged with firearms trafficking, money laundering, murder-for-hire, distributing drugs and wire fraud; while in Charlotte, North Carolina, the local mayor is charged with soliciting and accepting bribes during an undercover operation.  Eroding
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Retired FBI Agents Talk About OPFOPEN Case

SACRAMENTO–In a salute to Wall Street Journalist JONATHAN KWITNY, in February 1977, the FBI’s Indianapolis Division initiated OPERATION FOUNTAIN PEN, an investigation code named “OPFOPEN, Major Case #1,” that targeted professional White Collar Crime [WCC] thieves pedaling “bogus” securities in
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SACRAMENTO–Unlike other online directories available on the internet provides its members with a personal email address that very effectively identifies its members as “retired” FBI professionals who have received extensive training and whose backgrounds have been closely scrutinized. Making
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