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Pepperoni Pizza, Prostitutes, or Prison: an Easy Choice for Most: How a Cooperating Witness Continued to Con Everyone While in Prison

Executive Summary: This article will discuss the attempted management of a convicted cooperating witness who continued his cons while working with the government. He was a constant challenge with many interesting events. These types of people do not change their
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SACRAMENTO–Wearing dark glasses and dressed casually, ANNA CHAPMAN sat anxiously, as she closely eyed the man she just met.  She was concerned.  CHAPMAN was in the United States “illegally.”  An agent with the SVR, Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service, she was
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Crime Scene Staging: The FBI, and the Wrongful Death Expert Witness

Executive Summary: Offenders will sometimes stage a violent crime because they know that they need to re-direct the investigation. The problem for some of them is that they are unfamiliar with crime scene investigation procedures and may make themselves more
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