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LOS ANGELES–Responsible for the FBI Underwater Evidence Response Team in Los Angeles, retiring in 2014 [with a brief move to Rio De Janeiro because of the Summer Olympics (2016)], BOBBY CHACON said it was the FBI’s CBS murders’ case in
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Seven FBI Resources for Writers and Applicants

PHILADELPHIA, PA—What most people know about the FBI comes from popular culture—books, TV, and movies, as well as the news. Films and fiction are more concerned with creating a good story than with accuracy. And, unfortunately, some news programs are
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BAKER Pens Wall Street Journal OPED: INTEL & FISA Reforms Needed.

WASHINGTON DC — Retired FBI agent … member TOM BAKER … writes Wall Street Journal OPED suggesting America’s Intel agencies and the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act [FISA] need to be reformed, as a result of the electronic surveillance and counterintelligence
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