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Seven FBI Resources for Writers and Applicants

PHILADELPHIA, PA—What most people know about the FBI comes from popular culture—books, TV, and movies, as well as the news. Films and fiction are more concerned with creating a good story than with accuracy. And, unfortunately, some news programs are
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10 Clichés and Misconceptions About the FBI in Books, TV, and Movies

PHILADELPHIA-While producing and hosting my true crime – crime fiction podcast—FBI Retired Case File Review—over the last year, I’ve conducted more than 50 interviews with my former FBI colleagues about the high-profiled cases they worked while on the job. During almost
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THE TRUTH ABOUT FBI PROFILERS: Jerri Williams Interviews Jim Fitzgerald and Ray Carr in Philadelphia

Although serial killings are relatively rare, books, movies and TV shows can give the false impression that throughout the country there are teams of FBI profilers peering into the minds and behaviors of violent serial killers to determine what they’re thinking and what they may
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