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WASHINGTON DC – Writing for the WALL STREET JOURNAL [WSJ], member TOM BAKER provides an interesting account of events surrounding HINCKLEY’s attempt to assassinate President REAGAN, that “not” only spurred major reforms in the U.S. Secret Service [USSS] but might
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WASHINGTON DC – Citing YUVAL LEVIN’s “A Time to Build,” retired FBI agent TOM BAKER maintains the refusal of the FBI’s CHRIS WRAY to talk earnestly about reforms is yet another example of an institution “mask[ing] the treachery of …
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RAND: MARXISTS – Todays Radical Left!

BOSTON, MA – “Know Your Enemy, Know Yourself,” these are the words of Sun Tzu from his 5th century treatise on war and peace, “The Art of War.”  It was also the mantra of a select group of retired FBI agents who
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FISA Reform Needed Says BAKER

WASHINGTON DC – FISA reform is needed today writes retired FBI agent/member TOM BAKER for the WALL STREET JOURNAL.  Says FISA reform is long overdue.   Says “sloppiness” and “inaccuracies” are shocking, talking about the IG report, but not the worst
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BAKER: FISA Justification to Wiretap PAGE Worst Decision by Agency Officials.

WASHINGTON DC – Retired FBI agent/member TOM BAKER writes OPED for the WASHINGTON EXAMINER.  Speaking about the FOREIGN SURVEILLANCE COURT [FISC] and the CARTER PAGE wiretap, BAKER asks, “Is JAMES COMEY the worst FBI director in modern history?”  He maintains
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FISA Abuse Included Fraudulent Email, Faulty Disclosure & Lack of Corroboration.

WASHINGTON DC – Retired FBI agent/member TOM BAKER writes OPED for DAILY CALLER telling readers the FISA abuse concerning the wiretap on CARTER PAGE’s telephone included alteration of email used to “renew” the application, faulty “disclosure(s)” and a lack of 
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BAKER: No FBI Predicate For Obstruction Inquiry

WASHINGTON DC – Retired FBI agent … member TOM BAKER … writes OPED for the WALL STREET JOURNAL [WSJ] reminding readers ROBERT MUELLER’s investigation made clear the TRUMP campaign did “not” collude with Russia and, further, the FBI never a
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SACRAMENTO–The trap was set and the gendarmes were in position.  Inside Amsterdam’s HOLLANDISHE BANKE plainclothes police posed as bank employees. Not wanting to tip their presence the police arrived early … seeded with the morning commute.  Outside, the “uniforms” were also
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Seven FBI Resources for Writers and Applicants

PHILADELPHIA, PA—What most people know about the FBI comes from popular culture—books, TV, and movies, as well as the news. Films and fiction are more concerned with creating a good story than with accuracy. And, unfortunately, some news programs are
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BAKER Pens Wall Street Journal OPED: INTEL & FISA Reforms Needed.

WASHINGTON DC — Retired FBI agent … member TOM BAKER … writes Wall Street Journal OPED suggesting America’s Intel agencies and the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act [FISA] need to be reformed, as a result of the electronic surveillance and counterintelligence
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SCHOOL SECURITY: The Need to Harden Soft Targets

WINTER GARDEN, Florida – It happens each time an active shooter strikes, and mass tragedy occurs. In the ensuing days, we talk about school security and witness demands to produce strategies to make sure it never happens again. But after
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Becoming a Private Eye Made Me a Better Investigator. I love the FBI. I love the people at the FBI. I was an FBI Agent for 29 years before I decided to retire. I was fortunate that I was able
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"Members on this website are “retired” FBI agents, many who are “licensed” Private Investigators [PIs], independent contractors and vendors who promote and sell their services as consultants to members of the public, public and/or private industry and/or local, state and/or federal government.

As consultants, they “contract” out their services to conduct criminal/civil investigations, provide litigation support, conduct due diligence inquires, provide executive protection and conduct background screenings, offer expert opinions concerning investigations, do electronic sweeps and counter measures, provide drug screenings, offer forensic accounting services, and conduct surveillances, as well as locate assets and/or conduct other research.

As a result, members command fees for their services.  This is “not” a free service.

Before any services will be expended, most members will require a “nonrefundable” retainer fee totaling $1500 - $2500.  The amount of the retainer fee will be set by members during contract negotiations.  And some members command “nonrefundable” retainer fees totaling $5000.

Unless you are a journalist looking for media “commentary,” and/or someone with an offer of employment, please be advised members do not provide “free” services but will require a retainer fee before any services will be expended.  These services are “not” free.