January 23, 2015



SACRAMENTO–Wanting to capitalize on the website’s prominent “page one” listings with search engines, in particular key words often used by law firms, security professionals and journalists seeking a “retired” FBI agent / analyst, DOUGLAS KANE and WILLIAM McSHANE have joined Https://

KANE, a 27-year veteran of the FBI, is President and founding partner of RISK CONTROL STRATEGIES (RCS), a national security and investigations firm based in Westlake Village, CA specializing in security solutions, crisis response, and complex investigations.

McSHANE, a 23-year veteran of the FBI, is CEO and the Qualifying Principal for SW SECURITY SERVICES, an affiliate of SECUREWATCH24 (SW24), registered with the State of New York to provide security guard services and private investigations.  SW SECURITY SERVICES, headquartered in the heart of NYC’s Midtown area, provides comprehensive investigative services to SW24’s real estate, corporate, and institutional clients.

KANE’s background and expertise includes conducting criminal investigations, orchestrating strategic plans and making tactical decisions involving comprehensive security plans and crisis management.  He has supervised and resolved many investigations involving hostage negotiations, extortion and kidnappings and has been responsible for many “specialty events,” putting in place appropriate security measures given a particular threat level.  Selected to join the FBI’s elite Hostage Rescue Team (HRT) and becoming a team leader, he also developed and implemented many security policies and procedures now used by agents responding to a crisis situation and was the on-scene tactical commander in a variety of operations both domestically and internationally.  Retiring in Los Angeles, he was responsible for the crisis management program and the FBI’s locally based rapid deployment team, poised to respond to terrorist incidents and other crisis situations.

Before joining the FBI, McSHANE was a naval aviator in the United States Marine Corps, participating in combat operations in South East Asia.  Entering the FBI, he conducted criminal investigations and counterintelligence operations and was responsible for managing assignments in the Intelligence Community.  Assigned to the FBI’s New York Field Office prior to retirement, he directed a squad of agents providing technical and industrial security.

With clients scattered throughout the United States, KANE states RISK CONTROL STRATEGIES (RCS) provides investigative, security and crisis management services to various government agencies, law firms, corporations and private individuals needing assistance with threat mitigation, workplace violence, stalking, extortion, kidnapping, sabotage, embezzlement, and employee theft.  He says RCS frequently represents high-profile individuals and their families needing a comprehensive security plan stating the company has the latest equipment to conduct electronic sweeps looking for illegal “bugs,” using professionals specially trained in Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM).  He says his people are the “best” locating hidden devices using Technical Surveillance Countermeasures [TSCM] adding they’re both “retired” FBI agents and police detectives.

Providing services to a NY based clientele, McSHANE states SECUREWATCH24 (SW24) is frequently called upon to conduct investigations so executives can make prudent business decisions—often in a hostile environment.  He says SW24 which includes former members of NYPD’s famed Major Case Squad and the FBI’s Special Operations Branch and Joint Terrorism Task Force, is an effective law enforcement platform that enables him to handle both criminal and civil inquiries, with his talented team providing thorough documentation and expert testimony when requested.

Because security requires preparation and an informed public, KANE frequently lectures on crisis management, emergency preparedness, workplace violence, hostage recovery, executive protection and kidnap avoidance and he has co-authored a book with PAUL VIOLLIS, his business partner,  called, “SILENT SAFETY: BEST PRACTICES FOR PROTECTING THE AFFLUENT.”  And he has also been a contributing author to various magazines and trade journals, appearing on Fox News, CNN, MSNBC and a variety of other local and national news networks providing media commentary.

McSHANE also conducts Safety and Security Compliance Inspections, evaluates Loss Prevention and Life Safety programs tailored to the hospitality industry and he does background investigations for the United States Government, including providing adjunct services to Homeland Security and security management to the Department of the Long Island Business Institute.

Aside from being licensed Private Investigators [PIs] KANE and McSHANE are also members of the Society of Former Special Agents of the FBI and the FBI Agents Association [FBIAA].