January 24, 2016



PHILADELPHIA–I think we need to redefine the word retirement. Instead of retirement meaning the end of one’s job and ceasing to work, I think it should mean finally being able to work longer and harder at what we really want to do – to finally accomplish our own personal goals.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’ve loved every job I’ve ever had – with the exception of my first job selling maintenance agreements over the phone for newly purchased Sear’s appliances. I hated that job. But I always knew I wanted to write a book. I love reading. I’ll read anything you put in front of me, especially a good crime novel. Somewhere along the way I developed a desire to pen one too. So, over an almost six-year period while working full time and raising a family, I wrote my debut novel, “Pay To Play,” and accomplished that personal goal (I also have a desire to be published, but I’m still working on that one).

Another personal goal had to do with Oprah. No, I didn’t want to be Oprah. She’s got money and a lot of fabulous stuff, but she doesn’t have all the gifts I have, such as my handsome husband and three really cute kids. But I did want to have my own talk show. Just like I love to read, I love to learn things, to ask questions. (I guess that’s why I became an FBI agent. Duh.) There was no way I could do that while I was working a day job. So when the time was right, I quit. And ever since then, I’ve been working unbelievable hours, seven days a week to make my goals come true.

I’m thrilled to report that this weekend I launched the first episode of FBI Retired Case File Review with JERRI WILLIAMS – This podcast will feature interviews with retired FBI agents discussing their careers and their most intriguing cases. I’ll also talk about crime fiction and crime dramas – books, movies and television shows – especially those depicting the FBI.

My first interview is with retired agent TOM COTTON, who served 25-years with the Bureau from 11/2/1970 – 3/6/1995. During my chat with Tom, he talks about the six different FBI offices he was assigned to and about several of his high profile investigations.

I hope you’ll visit and become a regular listener to the show (I’m planning on recording three or four each month) and that you’ll consider signing up for my newsletter to get updates about my novel, “Pay to Play,” which will be published sometime later this year (I told you I’m still working on that).

Funny. I was reading the paper this morning and saw that Philadelphia Inquirer columnist Erin Arvedlund supports my views on retirement. She says. “A new survey reveals that money and financial pressures don’t influence when people choose to retire as much was first thought. For many, it isn’t just about money, but about the freedom to enjoy life.”

Read the rest of her article here:

Oprah supports my views too. Didn’t she “retire” from doing her talk show to start her own cable TV network? What’s your “retirement dream” job? I’m living mine.


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