September 19, 2014


SACRAMENTO—Speaking about retired agents, NANCY SAVAGE, Executive Director for the Society of Former Special Agents of the FBI, said the issue concerning “second careers” is very important to members.  With an increase in membership and the addition of Associate Members on the rolls, she said this year the Society was again focused on “second careers.”

Speaking with JAMES WEDICK, the retired FBI agent responsible for designing and developing, she said Board members thought the website was a good tool for agents pursuing a second career and developing contacts.  Seeking a discount, she said the Society would promote the site to members seeking a digital platform wanting publicity.

WEDICK said in lieu of discounts he recently reduced the website’s membership price to $99 a year because discounts were hard to administer.  SAVAGE thought the price was appropriate given the site’s monthly operating expenses and money spent to develop the website, but hoped members might still get a discount.

Approving the website’s ad placed in the September issue of the GRAPEVINE magazine, SAVAGE said Board members thought the website was a great service—a digital platform with email, but again hoped members might still get a discount.  Because getting a discount meant more members were needed to help offset operating expenses, she said the Society would help to promote the website.  Concerned whether the numbers would pencil out, WEDICK said it was a “crap shoot,” but he wanted to work with the Society, so he agreed to give members a ten percent [10%] discount for joining  He said he regularly supported the Foundation.  With the Society’s support he hoped the program would work.

SAVAGE said currently the Society operates an online Career Center where job vacancies are posted and members can request notifications.  She also said the GRAPEVINE posts a regular career column and members can request and receive career notices using email.  Seeking to update the Career Center, she said the Society was pursuing relationships with several major companies, posting resumes and creating a career mentoring program.

WEDICK said retired FBI agents joining will enjoy the digital platform and getting an email address highlighting their FBI career.  The only website available to the general public featuring retired FBI agents and analysts, he said law firms, journalists and security minded professionals can conduct unlimited free searches looking for a local contact.  He said the instantly recognizable email address not only attracts new clients, but makes it more likely a message will be read.  Because the website enjoys prominent placement with search engines, he said members can expect contact by journalists and media representatives looking for media commentary concerning the FBI which promotes both business and career development.

Joining the website, WEDICK said benefits include displaying contact information and FBI skillsets, uploading a picture and profile totaling about 450 words, and getting an email address like  And any information entered can be changed anytime.